Smart Speech Technology
Akıllı Konuşma Teknolojisi

A Technology Company that makes Life Easier, Provides Social Benefits, and Offers Innovative Projects and Solutions


SeeTalk is designed to provide users with the necessary atmosphere to deliver impressive speeches and to speak more comfortably. Combining a microphone with a touch screen, our technology alleviates any problems related to microphones and speech scripts during the speech. It can be used effectively in large venues with its sound smoothing feature, based on advanced technologies.

Aiming to make life easier and to bring social benefits, SeeTalk launched a project to expand upon the current technologies in 2015. Facilitating public speaking, providing a smooth sound, regardless of the venue, and making the speaker feel confident, SeeTalk is a Turkish product that is the first and only one of its kind in the world.

SeeTalk was developed successfully in a short period of time, and is today part of the Atmaca Electronics Inc. family – the third largest manufacturer of electronics in Turkey. With further developments made by the R&D engineers of Atmaca Electronics, the first prototypes of SeeTalk were produced and tested on various platforms. The feedback from users, the interviews and the interest shown in the product at trade fairs indicates the interest in SeeTalk all over the world.



Our vision is to become a brand with proven success in creating a difference with our products and services, becoming a national leader in the sector, and an internationally well-known brand in the our field of operation.


Our mission is to follow a sustainable approach in the provision of quality products and services, to make life easier, to be of benefit to society and to offer innovative projects.

Arge Merkezimiz

SeeTalk is an affiliate of Atmaca Electronics.  

Our main partner, Atmaca Electronics, is one of the leading Turkish companies that provides services through its distributers all over the country, and that exports to nearly 50 countries as a consumer electronics manufacturer, with its strong infrastructure and its clear understanding of the importance of R&D. As an institution, its vision is to stand out among its competitors, including both other countries and private companies that focus on R&D (research and development), and to remain one step ahead of the field.

Our group invests in R&D projects to ensure sustainable development, with our team of experienced engineers who have internalized the research and innovation-oriented philosophy in line with our working dynamics, who have access to state-of-the art devices and systems, and who work in cooperation with universities and national and international project partners. Our R&D department has been officially recognized as an R&D Center by our Ministry of Industry and Technology, in accordance with Law no. 5746. In pursuit of the goals of our main company, which is currently the third largest exporter of electronic products of the country, our R&D Center carries out projects in the fields of informatics, consumer electronics, healthcare, digital broadcasting and digital outdoor advertising. With a close eye on technological developments and innovations around the world, all of our projects are designed in accordance with the goals of our company and our country to develop further, to contribute to the technological development of our end users and to meet the needs of different markets.

While developing products in our R&D Center, we also carry out works for the development of consumer-friendly technologies that minimize energy consumption, and carry out design-oriented studies into product ergonomics, taking into account the preferences and practices of various markets through product customizations based on R&D. In addition, we have developed innovative and high-quality products that lead the field in the consumer electronics sector in the regions where our market share is high compared to the rest of the world, namely Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Turkic Republics.

In line with all these goals, our R&D Center, staffed by competent and experienced engineers, continues to make efforts to enhance the knowledge of the company and the country by managing its design, development and testing processes in the most effective way.

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