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Frequently Asked Questions

  • SeeTalk device is compatible with all sound systems. All you have to do is to connect your device to the sound system with a cable and determine your volume with the volume buttons on it.

– You can upload content to our device via web-panel and micro usb cable connection. The content you upload should be in .doc and .docx format and should contain a maximum of 1 image.

– When you fully charge our device, it provides 6.5 hours of uninterrupted use.

– Our device has been produced by Atmaca Elektronik. Design, Hardware and Software are completely National and Domestic.

– When you receive SeeTalk, the SeeTalk device will be delivered to you with its charging adapter, charging cable, special clamp head, remote control, special protective carrying case and user manual.

– When you connect our device to the computer with the usb cable, you will see that a device named “” rk312x ”is connected. It is sufficient to load your files in .docx format into this device. The texts you uploaded will appear in the “Local Files (USB)” section of your SeeTalk device.

– After registering with your personal data at, you can create your text folders and upload your texts. After uploading your texts, you can see how your content appears on the device with the “Preview” button on the left of the “Write the Title of the Article” section.

– To see the texts you have uploaded on the panel on your device, simply click on the “Update Content” button on the menu.

In order to see the texts you have uploaded with the usb connection, it is enough to click the synchronization button in the upper right corner of the “Local Files (USB)” section.

– When you switch the device to sleep mode on the remote or with the power button on its side, the flowing text will stop and the microphone feature will be turned off. When you turn off the sleep mode, the microphone feature will be active again.

– In order to download the texts you have uploaded to your device via the panel, you need to connect to the Wi-Fi and press the “Update Content” button. You will no longer need Wi-Fi after you see the “Personal Content Synchronized” warning. The device can only connect to Wi-Fi when the menu is open, and disables the Wi-Fi feature when the texts section and text content is entered.

– To delete the texts uploaded through the panel, you have to enter the text content and click the “Delete” button. After doing this, when you click the “Update Content” button on the device, the texts will be removed from your device.


In order to delete the texts you have uploaded with the usb connection, you need to connect your device and delete the files from the folder.

If could not find the answer to your question, our customer service team is here to help you.
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